Students Prepare with GoPro Korea & Nauticam

Selected students arrive in LA and prepare their new Sony a6500 with Nauticam housings and accessories and GoPro Hero 5 Black cameras provided by GoPro Korea. Then they get to test them in the pool before heading out to meet face to face with the Great White Sharks for the first time. 

Fourth Element Preparation

Thanks to Fourth Element for being a major partner and for their tremendous effort in coordinating the wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves for the key team members, participants and students on the project. We are marking and preparing individual set ups for them. 

MC/Actress Ji young Ha prepares

Our Korean MC/Actress Ji Young Ha gets her shark attitude ready even though she admits she is very nervous about committing to this project after watching the trailer of the movie 47 Meters Down, which was recently released in theaters in Korea. Four actresses backed out at the last minute because of this exact same reason. But not Ji Young, she was brave enough and committed to show her stuff in support of the ocean. 

Packing Up On The Way To San Diego

More luggage and equipment than expected. We had to put gear on top of the SUV and make poor YZin sit on the floor in the middle because we lacked a seat since there was too much luggage. 

Just Prior to Mexico 

Having fun but preparing last minute details before leaving for Mexico...

Three vans loaded with team members, gear, luggage and whatever else we needed.

On the road to Ensenada, Mexico

Boarding our 7 day hotel at sea

18 hours at sea to reach Isla Guadalupe a protected island off Baja California in Mexico. 

After 18 hours and some really tired people we wake up to a spectacular site to start our expedition.

Arriving to our destination - Lupita

(Isla Guadalupe, Mexico)